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Giving reveals your generosity toward God

Why Your Giving Matters:

Your giving matters in the house of God because it enables us to reach thousands and lead them to Christ, transforming lives and demonstrating the goodness of God. Through your generosity, we are able to fund various ministries, outreach programs, and initiatives that touch the lives of many. Whether it’s supporting missions, providing resources for community outreach, or maintaining our church facilities, your contributions make a significant difference. Together, we are able to spread the message of life, impacting countless generations and showing the world the goodness of God.

Your giving holds the power to transform the lives of others!

The evidence is CLEAR in Grace Nation, God is present in this ministry! The MOG Apostle Gerry Mickle is used mightily by God, and through your support and partnership, he is able to impact all who come to seek Jesus. We thank you for your consistent generosity to this nation, you are a BLESSING

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